5 Tips to Stay Warm During the Winter


I’m not a winter girl. I was born in August (winter in South America) and my mom says I was a chronic crier because I was always so cold. This problem persisted during my childhood and teenage years (not the crying but my unhappiness in the cold). I remember the amazed expressions on my friends’ faces when I showed them my blue fingernails during the cold and humid winter months in Lima. Just so you know, Lima in the winter never goes below 60 or 50 F (10 or 15 C), so imagine how badly equipped my body actually is to deal with low temperatures. Or I should say, how badly equipped my body was to deal with low temperatures, because that changed dramatically throughout the years, as I learned how to deal with the cold from the inside out.

The most effective methods I ever learned to stay warm and cozy even in the harshest weathers (like the winter in New York, my home now), I got from Ayurveda class. This ancient Indian tradition of natural health and spirituality has some really awesome tips! To read my favorite 5 tips, which I recently shared with HipLatina.com, click here.


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