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You were born to feel healthy, full of energy, and absolutely happy.

And if you’re here, I’m pretty sure you’re looking for that.

By visiting my blog and working with me as your health coach you will learn:

*How to eat to balance your physical and emotional health and improve or prevent specific conditions.

*How to make nourishing meals that are easy, quick, and delicious.

*How to use the power of juicing, fasting, and detoxifying to revitalize your body and mind.

You will also learn that food is not the only kind of nourishment you need to focus on. Eating well is the base of a healthy and happy life, but so are a calm and positive mind, and a healthy lifestyle.

As your coach I will teach you all you need to know about nutrition, but if you want to go deeper and truly feel your best, you will also have to learn the importance of:

* Managing stress and learning to relax. It’s estimated that 75% to 90% (NINETY PERCENT!!!!) of visits to the doctor are for reasons related to stress. Most serious diseases and all kinds of health issues, including skin conditions, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and even those extra pounds that refuse to go away, could be directly or indirectly caused by stress.

*Prioritizing exercise, sleep, time in nature, and all the other pieces of the puzzle that will help your body and mind be more balanced so you can feel AMAZING instead of just OK.

*Improving the quality of the ingredients you eat but also of the products you put on your body and use in your daily life.

You deserve to feel radiant inside and out and these are some of the things I will share with you to help you get there.

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It will be such a pleasure to see you thrive.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Morena Escardo, Holistic Health Coach


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