How to Make a Basic Green Juice

Basic green juice

I juice almost every day. I have for many years. For this reason, I tend to make the mistake of thinking everyone knows how to make a green juice. Recently, however, I’ve started to realize that this is not the case, as more and more people come to me to ask me how to make… 

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Marinated Maple & Sage Tempeh

Maple tempeh

I don’t know if you’ve also gone through this, but it’s happened to me several times: Step 1- I’m at the grocery store and decide to buy tempeh because I feel like adding more texture and variety to my healthy vegetarian dishes. Step 2- I go back home, cut the tempeh in cubes, and add… 

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Radish Salsa – A Way to Add More Veggies to Your Meals

Esta salsa o ensalada de rabanitos es una manera super fácil de agregarle vegetales a tus comidas y hacerlas más saludables.

In Peru we eat a salsa called Salsa Criolla with almost every meal. This salsa is made with thinly sliced red onions, chili, lime juice, and cilantro and served in a bowl on the table so each person can help herself to it. It´s always made in the moment so the onion is still bright and crunchy… 

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