Easy Quinoa Fried Rice

Quinoa Fried Rice 1Who doesn’t love fried rice? It’s one of those super tasty dishes that you can enjoy freshly made and steaming hot at a restaurant or at home, and that gets even better once it’s cold and the ingredients have meshed for a day or two in the fridge.

The one problem with fried rice though, is that it’s usually very greasy, and made with white rice (which sends your blood sugar to the roof). It’s also usually made with regular soy sauce which has gluten and uses GMO (genetically modified) soy, has large amounts of processed salt, and in places like Peru, is still flavored with MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) which is known to cause many allergic reactions and other symptoms. The oil used in most restaurants is probably not of the best quality either, and in almost every case made with GMO’s. (If you don’t know why you’re better off staying away from GMO’s, a.k.a Frankenfoods, I will explain it in detail in another blog post. )Quinoa-Fried-Rice-2So this delicious food can be an occasional treat when you eat out. But even better if you make it at home and use a good quality oil, and organic, gluten-free tamari instead of regular soy sauce.

Want to know what’s even better than this? Use brown rice instead of white rice, to lower the glycemic index of the dish and make it richer in fiber and nutrients. This will keep you satisfied for longer, instead of the usual effect this dish has of making you reach out for more 20  minutes after you ate a whole bowl of it.

Another option, is to vary the grains you use when you make this dish. Why stick to rice only when there are so many whole grains out there?

This version with quinoa is a super healthy lunch that you can put together in a matter of minutes if you have cooked quinoa in the fridge.

You want it? Then CLICK HERE to see the recipe. I created this for Latinamom.me, so the actual recipe is up on their website. I absolutely loved eating this and I promise you will love it too.


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    I m loving the colors in this quinoa fried rice. This sounds amazing! I need some quinoa in my life, it s been a long time since i ve had it. Pinned!


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