How to make brown rice to perfection

How-to-cook-brown-riceMaking white rice is a very straight forward process. You may get it wrong the first few times, but once you master the simple technique, it becomes almost automatic. Brown rice, however, is a very different story. Most people expect it took cook just like white rice, but in a little more water and for a little longer time. But if you’ve tried cooking brown rice in the past, you will know that this sometimes works, and sometimes you are left with a mushy mess (or an undercooked mess, depending on what went wrong!).How-to-cook-brown-rice

The recipe I’m about to share with you always works for me, but you may have to try it in your kitchen and slightly modify the time or temperature depending on the strength of your stove. It would also be a good idea that you soak the rice overnight before cooking it, to make it more digestible. This is not absolutely necessary, just a suggestion that will boost the nutrition you get from this grain. However, even without soaking it, if you chew your rice well you will reap off many nutritional benefits from it.

Click HERE for the recipe.


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