Onion Syrup to Fight Away Colds

Onion syrup

I’m a big fan of natural remedies. My pill popping friends always think I’m crazy because I will go to great extents trying to find natural cures for any of my ailments before surrendering to pharmaceutical solutions. I probably get this from growing up in Latin America, where mothers and grandmothers have secret potions for virtually any discomfort under the sun.

There is one medicine in particular that I can swear by, as I took it many times as a child, with miraculous effects every time. In Spanish it’s called jarabe de cebolla (onion syrup). As a little girl, I used to suffer from recurrent colds, fevers, and bronchial problems. Whenever I coughed and coughed for days, my mom would prepare this concoction and force it down my throat for my immediate recovery. I have to be honest. I hated it. To this day, I have a hard time eating caramelized onions because it reminds me of the taste of the gross jarabe de cebolla. But the stuff works, what can I say.

And yes, I have a sugar free diet, but this is one of the few exceptions where I would recommend using the white powder.

Luckily, my immune system is much stronger these days, and I haven’t had a cold in years, but if I did, and especially if I was coughing non stop and had lungs full of phlegm needing to be cleared (sorry for the unattractive description, but illness is never sexy), I would pinch my nose, close my eyes, and take as many spoonfuls as needed of this onion syrup. Then I would run to the kitchen and eat anything I could find in front of me to get that nasty onion & sugar taste out of my mouth, knowing that the momentary discomfort would be worth it.

Get my mom’s jarabe de cebolla recipe by clicking HERE.

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