My new favorite cauliflower stew

This healthy vegetable curry recipe is easy to make and incredibly flavorsome.

This healthy vegan recipe is easy to make and so tasty you will want to eat it many times on a row. I enjoy 2 ways of cooking. The first is to find a recipe online or in a book and follow it step by step or with a few tweaks to make it healthier. My second… 

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Easy Quinoa Fried Rice


Who doesn’t love fried rice? It’s one of those super tasty dishes that you can enjoy freshly made and steaming hot at a restaurant or at home, and that gets even better once it’s cold and the ingredients have meshed for a day or two in the fridge. The one problem with fried rice though, is… 

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What’s in Season During the Spring?


Can you feel the Spring getting closer? I’m so excited that the new season is officially just one day away, because this is my favorite time of the year. Birds chirping, people smiling, the first few visits to the park, longer strolls by the river, fresh air, cherry blossoms…any blossom for that matter! It’s just… 

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