Cauliflower Tabbouleh

This healthy and delicious cauliflower tabbouleh is vegan, gluten-free, and super easy to make.

This raw vegan tabbouleh is the easiest thing to make A few weeks ago a friend wanted me to try the cauliflower tabbouleh she had bought at the supermarket. I fell in love at first bite! It was such a coincidence too, because I had just shared a lentil tabbouleh recipe in my #VeganChallenge just a… 

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Zucchini noodles with pesto

Esta receta crudivegana de fideos de zucchini con pesto es deliciosa y muy fácil de hacer.

This is a healthy version of my favorite dish: pasta with pesto. It’s raw, vegan, and gluten-free. Every Monday I try to share a vegan recipe so you can be a part of the Meatless Mondays movement if you aren’t a vegetarian or a vegan yet. If you do eat meat, I really recommend you… 

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Gluten-Free Veggie Pizza

The base of this protein-rich pizza is made with quinoa and egg. It's gluten-free, vegetarian, healthy, and delicious.

This healthy pizza is covered in veggies and the base is made with quinoa. This recipe was created by my friend and business partner Ameriangel Román. One year ago we launched a group program called Revamp Your Diet in 10 Weeks*, and this was one of the recipes she shared with our students when we talked… 

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Pizza Vegetariana Sin Gluten

Esta pizza tiene un alto contenido de proteína porque la base está hecha de quinua y huevo. Es vegetariana, libre de gluten, y muy saludable.

Esta pizza saludable está cubierta de vegetales y la base está hecha con quinua. Esta receta es la creación de mi amiga y colega Ameriangel Román. Hace un año lanzamos juntas nuestro curso grupal, Reinventa tu Dieta en 10 Semanas*, y esta fue una de las recetas que ella compartió con nuestras alumnas en la semana que hablamos… 

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La verdad acerca del gluten

Esta dieta de eliminación te ayudará a saber si eres sensible al gluten, a los lácteos, o a otros alimentos.

La gente anda muy confundida (y con razón!) acerca del gluten. En esta entrevista con la coach de nutrición Ale Crovetto aclaramos muchas de tus dudas sobre este tema. Esta semana entrevisté a Ale Crovetto, health coach y especialista en alimentación antiinflamatoria y sin gluten. Hace tiempo quería conversar con Ale y compartir el video aquí porque de… 

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Kelp Noodle Salad

This kelp noodle salad is raw, vegan, and gluten-free. A delicious way to add more vegetables to your life.

These noodles are raw, gluten-free, vegan, low in calories, and rich in nutrients. Enjoy them freely. Ever since I discovered kelp noodles, they’ve become a regular part of my diet. Here are some of the things I love about them: *Their soft, silky texture and translucent appearance. (Or they can also be crunchy depending on your… 

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Roasted Salmon with vegetables

This reasy roasted salmon dish with veggies is an easy and delicious way to incorporate more vegetables to your diet and consume anti-inflammatory omega-3 oils

This salmon recipe is a simple and delicious way to eat lots of vegetables and anti-inflammatory Omega-3 oils. I have a complex relationship with fish. I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life, and avoiding fish was a part of that for many years. A few years ago, however, influenced by my cardiologist (I… 

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Raw Sweet Potato Salad

This healthy vegan and gluten-free recipe will show you how easy it is to make raw sweet potato noodles taste good.

This raw recipe is a good way to add more vegetables to your diet, and to show you that cooking them is not the only way to eat them. Raw noodles are huge in the natural foods world, commonly made of zucchini and called “zoodles”. They are a great way to consume more vegetables, and are an easy and… 

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Tortilla con palta y betarraga o tortilla con aguacate y remolacha

Tortilla con palta, betarraga, pistachos, y menta. Un plato ligero y saludable.

Esta es una versión corregida y aumentada de lo que en Perú se conoce como pan con palta, o el famoso a nivel mundial avocado toast. Cada país lo llama distinto. En Perú lo llamamos pan con palta, y es una de las cosas más simples pero increíblemente ricas que uno puede comer. Me acuerdo… 

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Summer Salad

Summer Salad

Like most of my healthy kitchen creations, I made this salad using all the ingredients I found in the fridge, and without much planning. I really hate (*but I hate using that word!*)…Ok, let’s start again. It really displeases me to waste any food, so I always try to create something with the few ingredients left forgotten… 

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