The Easiest Pancake Recipe in the World: Bancakes!


One of my favorite things about being a holistic health coach is that I learn from my clients as much, or even more, as they learn from me. My goal is always to motivate them to try different foods and ways of cooking and eating, so that they eventually discover what works best for their… 

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How to Make a Basic Green Juice

Basic green juice

I juice almost every day. I have for many years. For this reason, I tend to make the mistake of thinking everyone knows how to make a green juice. Recently, however, I’ve started to realize that this is not the case, as more and more people come to me to ask me how to make… 

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Marinated Maple & Sage Tempeh

Maple tempeh

I don’t know if you’ve also gone through this, but it’s happened to me several times: Step 1- I’m at the grocery store and decide to buy tempeh because I feel like adding more texture and variety to my healthy vegetarian dishes. Step 2- I go back home, cut the tempeh in cubes, and add… 

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Radish Salsa – A Way to Add More Veggies to Your Meals

Esta salsa o ensalada de rabanitos es una manera super fácil de agregarle vegetales a tus comidas y hacerlas más saludables.

In Peru we eat a salsa called Salsa Criolla with almost every meal. This salsa is made with thinly sliced red onions, chili, lime juice, and cilantro and served in a bowl on the table so each person can help herself to it. It´s always made in the moment so the onion is still bright and crunchy… 

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