Smoothie Bowl

Este smoothie bowl es un delicioso y saludable desayuno lleno de frutas y superfoods

Learn to make this easy, delicious, and super nutritious breakfast. The second week of my first #VeganChallenge begins today, and one of the breakfast recipes I’ve included in this week’s menu is this colorful smoothie bowl.   I love having fruit smoothies for breakfast, and sometimes add some veggies into them as well (especially leafy… 

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Healthy Piña Colada Juice

This juice is super refreshing for the summer, and it's also extremely cleansing and alkalizing. Did I mention it's absolutely delicious?

  Take the rum and sugar out of the equation, and replace it with several wholesome ingredients. I made this green juice with pineapple and coconut water for It’s the ultimate summer drink, with several cooling ingredients like the ones mentioned and also cucumbers, celery, and lettuce. I also added a little ginger to… 

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raw vegan chocolate mousse

Este mousse de chocolate raw, vegano, y sin azúcar, se puede preparar en sólo unos minutos.

This chocolate mousse is not only raw and vegan, but it’s also sugar-free. It could possibly be the healthiest chocolate mousse in the world! Yesterday I found out that today is chocolate’s official birthday. Yep. I’m not making this up. July 7th is World Chocolate Day! Today supposedly marks 467 years since chocolate was first introduced… 

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The Easiest Pancake Recipe in the World: Bancakes!


One of my favorite things about being a holistic health coach is that I learn from my clients as much, or even more, as they learn from me. My goal is always to motivate them to try different foods and ways of cooking and eating, so that they eventually discover what works best for their… 

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How to Bake a Sweet Potato

Roasted Sweet Potato

My favorite food during the winter is roasted vegetables. Seasonal veggies give us all the nutrients we need during this time of the year, and that grounding earth energy that helps us stay strong, healthy, and rooted despite the changing, sometimes even dramatic weather. Of course, you could eat those veggies in salads, juices, stir… 

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