The most alkalizing salad in the world

Alkalizing-Green-Salad I recently read a book called The PH Miracle, where it’s author, Robert O. Young, points at what he considers to be the root of all disease: an acidifying diet and lifestyle. Let me explain this briefly. Just like the body’s temperature is supposed to remain at a stable 98.6, so is the blood PH supposed to remain at a slightly alkaline 7.365 at all times. When we eat foods that don’t promote this alkaline condition (i.e. all the acidifying foods that abound in the modern, over-processed, sugar-laden diet), our body needs to do all kinds of acrobatics to try to keep their balance. Taking minerals from our bones is one example, and this eventually leads to conditions such as osteoporosis.

What this all boils down to is that pretty much every disease is a result of the body’s adjustment to an acidic environment, and that the key to health is eating foods and living in a way that help the body remain slightly alkaline in an effortless way.

I created this salad recipe for Hip Latina about a month ago, inspired by this idea. Every ingredient in this recipe is alkalizing to the body, making it the perfect example of what a healthy meal should look like, according to this theory. Enjoy it freely as often as possible, or even better, adjust it to the seasons, because it’s always healthier to eat seasonal produce. Here’s a list of alkaline ingredients, so you know what you can add to it at different moments throughout the year.

And for the recipe, click HERE.

Léelo en Español!

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