Let Pachamama Support You

Nature is the greatest Healer & Teacher

In the tradition of the wise medicine people of Q'ero, in the Peruvian Andes, everything in nature has a spirit, and we can call upon those spirits for healing and support. Water, fire, wind, rocks, plants, animals, planets; the visible and the invisible; it all has powerful energies that can guide us, protect us, and help us manifest our deepest desires. 

Peruvian Sacred Rituals

Here's a list of some of the rituals I currently offer. As an initiated chakaruna (bridge person), and Ñusta Paqo (medicine woman) in training, I'm honored to bring the traditions and sacred medicine of my home country to the rest of the world. If you have any questions, please fill out this form and I will get in touch via email.


This beautiful ritual uses the principle of ayni (sacred reciprocity), to give thanks and blessings to Pachamama (mother earth), in order to receive those blessings back. It can be done to celebrate special occasions and new beginnings (such as birthdays, a new year, a pregnancy, wedding or new relationship, a new job, a new home, or even the death of a loved one which is also a new beginning for that soul). Despacho can also be done to ask nature for specific gifts such as health, love, prosperity, and more.


Despacho can be done virtually or in person (in NYC or the Catskills), and it can be a 1-on-1 ritual or a group celebration. Please fill out this form and I'll get in touch with you to share more details and answer your questions.


In this energy clearing ritual, we will use the energy of water and stones, to wash away any problems, negative thoughts or emotions, or imbalances in the body and mind. With the help of the stones, you will release what no longer serves you, and we will then give it to the flowing and healing water to wash it off from your life. 


This ritual is done in person, in the Catskills or near a body of water in NYC. Please fill out this form and I will be in touch with you via email and share more.


This service is offered to bless a new home / office/ or space, clearing out the old energy and bringing in positive vibrations for prosperity, joy, protection, and wellbeing. This service is only offered in certain parts of NYC, and certain areas in the Catskills and Hudson Valley.


Please fill out this form and I will get in touch with you to share more information and answer your questions.

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